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About Me

I'm a Public Speaking & Performance Coach.

I’ve been an actor, director and voice-over artist for over 25 years; probably best known for my role as Jake Moon in EastEnders and for playing Dawn’s fiancee, Lee, in BBC's The Office, so I know a little thing or two about performance and speaking in front of an audience.

With a background deeply rooted in acting across film, television, and theatre, I bring a unique blend of skills to my role as a performance and public speaking coach. My passion for effective communication, coupled with my commitment to helping individuals shine on any stage, forms the foundation of my coaching philosophy.‍

As a Public Speaking Coach

My coaching is tailored for executives and professionals looking to excel in boardrooms, influence key stakeholders, and enhance public speaking abilities. Through personalised strategies, skill and techniques, we'll work together to project confidence and communicate with impact in various professional settings.

As a Performance Coach

Together we’ll go beyond the basics, delving into the subtleties of body language, voice modulation, and the psychology of audience engagement. We’ll not only master the technical aspects of performance and public speaking but also uncover your authentic voice and unique presence.


How I Can Help

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Public Speaking

Develop the tools to articulate ideas with clarity, impact, and confidence. By learning essential skills such as effective communication, body language, and compelling storytelling, you’ll not only conquer stage fright but also emerge as a captivating and influential speaker.

By fine-tuning techniques such as voice modulation, body language, and content delivery, participants gain the confidence and proficiency to articulate ideas effectively. 

We’ll look at individual strengths and areas for improvement, develop a dynamic and engaging speaking style, enabling you to conquer the fear of public speaking and engage effectively with any audience.

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Performance & Confidence

Say goodbye to stumbling through challenges and hello to a smoother ride. Develop better communication skills, build confidence, and upgrade your overall performance.

Acquire tools to breeze through challenges, fine-tune communication, and elevate personal and professional performance. Experience concrete results that exceed potential and evolve into a more effective, empowered version of yourself.

Let's dive into an exciting adventure of self-discovery and professional growth, with practical, fun and immersive techniques I’ll help you elevate your performance, amplify your message and confidently step into the spotlight.

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Effective Team Training

Our team of experienced coaches, innovative thinkers and familiar faces from the world of stage and screen specialise in delivering unique, engaging, and enjoyable training workshops, which serve as a powerful catalyst for enhancing your team’s overall effectiveness.

Designed to help your team develop confidence, adapt to a range of behaviours, environments and improve their communication skills.

These workshops will help create a workplace with a strong sense of belonging and support among employees, ultimately leading to improved job satisfaction and a more harmonious, motivated team.

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How I Work

Client Stories

Featured Client
Success Stories

Joel really knows his stuff. His coaching is straightforward, a lot of fun and the impact on my public speaking has been noticeable. I feel more comfortable and capable.

Marketing Exec.

The one-day workshop turned my nerves into confidence. His practical tips and friendly approach made public speaking feel less daunting. I'm now more comfortable in front of an audience, and people notice the change in me.

Group Manager

What a fun day, learnt so much about performance and how to deliver my presentation better and with more confidence. Highly recommend!

Leadership Team

His coaching not only polished my skills but also boosted my confidence in expressing myself.

Sales Manager

Thanks for delivering an awesome day, the whole team enjoyed it, by far the best one I’ve been to!

Team Leader

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