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About Me

I'm a Performance & Emotional Coach.

Life can be good but sometimes, let’s be honest, it can be really hard. Being a ‘grown up’, a parent, a partner, the breadwinner and boss isn’t easy.

I help people change the way they think and feel to improve the quality of their personal and professional lives. I’ve been an actor, director and voice-over artist for over 25 years; probably best known for my role as Jake Moon in EastEnders and for playing Dawn’s fiancee, Lee, in BBC's The Office, so I know a little thing or 2 about performance and how our emotions behave.

Coaching, for me, was life-changing.

As a Performance Coach

With a passion for performance and getting the best performance out of others, I will help you overcome fear, anxiety, shyness, nerves or social anxiety. Discover the freedom to do whatever you want to do, when you want to do it.

As an Emotional Coach

I will help you look at life through a different lens. By holding up a mirror, gathering insight and understanding, together, we will adopt a personalised approach using established techniques that will enable real change.


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Client Stories

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Success Stories

Joel is simply brilliant. He really helped me to get over my fear of speaking in public. Now I'm not so nervous when I present to my colleagues and feel much more confident.

Marketing Exec.

It's amazing what you don't see about yourself. Talking to Joel, doing some homework, hypnotherapy and making a few simple changes to my lifestyle made me feel so different. Top job!

Group Manager

It's been a tough year working from home. Joel was great at getting me to open up and look at life a little differently. Cup half full and all that.

Advertising Exec.

The workshop was outstanding and so much fun. The team learnt so much and had huge smiles on their faces the whole day. Definitely recommend it.

Sales Manager

Working with Joel I made some real changes to my life. He helped me through some really emotional times and together we got my 'happy' back.


How It Works


A quick chat so we can learn more about each other, we'll cover the following:

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Number Of Sessions

Clients will require a different number of sessions, here's a rough guide:

One off performance coaching 1 - 2
Emotional Wellbeing  
3 - 5
Stress - 5+
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per hour

I charge £150 per hour. In most cases payment is due at the end of the session by card or bank transfer. Where I deem appropriate and where I can, I am happy to provide flexible payment terms.

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Whether you want to confront a habit or behaviour, deal with a specific fear or emotional issue, or to simply have more self belief and motivation to make those all important changes in life, I can help.

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